Guy Ends Up Wedged Between Two Buildings After Failed Attempt to Impress A Girl

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A student in Pittsburgh is surely rethinking his life choices after it took more than four hours to get him unstuck from between two buildings.

Grant Birdsong, 22, sneaked up a fire escape with a girl he just met and tried to impress her by jumping from one roof to the other. He missed, because he isn’t the almighty Spiderman, and ended up stuck. Paramedics and emergency crews were called around 2 a.m. and had to break through a wall in one of the buildings to reach Birdsong.

stuck building




Birdsong was lucky to escape with only a broken ankle. And a bruised ego. The biggest loser in all of this was Bruegger’s Bagels, who was one of the buildings involved. They couldn’t open their shop on time due to the incident. But at least they left a note:

bagel letter

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