Meet The Irish Mini Messi Already Ruling The World At Age 12

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The 12-year-old has been dubbed the ‘Irish Mini Messi’, and has become known around the world for his incredible freestyle videos.

Duffy has graduated through the Brazilian Soccer Schools in Dublin, and you can easily see where he gets his skill from.


He’s already been involved with Manchester United’s academy, and has a list of credits under his belts from the likes of McDonald’s.

His father, Michael, says that the youngster is driven in wanting to become one of the world’s greatest footballers.

He told Dream Team: “Ciaran could dribble since the age of two and hasn’t stopped. All his pressure is his own.

“He believes that you can’t just get better at anything without putting lots of extra hard work in and that is one thing he is amazing at and that you have to love your sport.

“Ciaran does not actually practice freestyle much! He just gets it really fast and it’s good for ball control and compliments a great first touch.

“Between training, street football and matches Ciaran puts well in excess of 40 hours a week.

“He also has used his freestyle to help raise money for sick kids we knew and charities such as the Crumlin Children’s Hospital and the Irish Homeless Football Steet Leagues Team.”

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