Incredible Short Film ‘Just Breathe’ Helps Kids Deal With Their Emotions

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Being a parent myself and at times dealing with a very emotional child, I can truly see and even feel the wonderful benefit that this short video has to offer.

The video had a calming on affect on myself, as a parent and can do wonders for children who deal with higher than normal anxiety or just have a hard time sorting out all the emotions that can often times run wild within their tiny bodies.

The short film presents a very simple idea, just breathe. When children as well as adults have stressful thoughts and begin to feel overwhelmed, sometimes all it takes is just a few moments and some deep breaths to get over the emotional hump.

It is the little things that matter in life, the small moments that children and adults alike are able to stop what they are doing, spend a few moments on themselves and get their thoughts collected. All the while, keeping their minds and bodies stress free.

Many of us have children or deal with children on a day to day basis. I would strongly recommend sharing this article and video with others. Share it with your children, let them watch it. The film features many children, speaking about thoughts and emotions that our children deal with everyday. By featuring children in their short film, Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman have created a way for children to instantly relate. They are not being talked down to by a parent, guardian or teacher, they are being spoken to…by kids in their own age group.

So share this and help the children of the world become that much better at communicating and handling their stressful emotions.

Source : Youtube