‘Coolest Cop Ever’ Shreds At Skate Park Every Week, Bonds With Local Teens

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Skater kids in Washington State are making a complete 180 when it comes to their opinions about cops.

skater cop

Officer Craig Hanaumi at Bellevue Skatepark.

Officer Craig Hanaumi, is a cop who rips it — in full uniform — at Bellevue Skatepark in Washington at least once a week.

According to MyNorthwest.com, Hanaumi, a 10-year veteran of the Bellevue force, is a Crossroads Community Outreach Officer and creating connections with the people of Bellevue is part of his job.

Plus, he likes skaters; he was one himself when he was a kid growing up in Hawaii, Today.com reported.

In one incident (six years ago), Hanumi was called upon to inform some skateboarding kids that they could not skate in a bank parking lot, he was kind to kids as he informed them they had to leave. Hanumi even asked the kids what kind of moves and tricks they were pulling of and then he grabbed the skateboard himself.

This left such a positive impression with the kids that a video of the interaction made its way onto YouTube, garnering 100,000 views and tons of positive comments, like one that proclaimed that Hanaumi was the “coolest cop ever.”


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