7 Things You Can Do On Facebook Just To Make People Feel Uncomfortable And To Mess With Them!

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Sometimes in this world, you want to make someone as wildly uncomfortable as humanly possible. That’s why Facebook’s here.

You be wondering why you would want to make someone else uncomfortable…well, because you are alive. It is the same reason why people jump out of planes or try cocaine.

Let us help you help yourself put other people in emotional distress. You’ll be happy you did. (Maybe.)

Post your face with no explanation to a friends wall.

Doing this in the wee-hours of the morning is preferable, really any time of day is ideal for posting a close-up shot of your yahoo-ish, unblinking mug to a coworker’s wall.

After the first occasion, the party will become so uncomfortable that they will simply ignore the situation altogether. Wondering why they didn’t respond to your electronic gift, you may be forced to confront them.

Tag yourself in someone else’s engagement photo.

wedding photo

Facebook is filled with awesome, loving photo’s of couples just waiting to have a random tag added to them. Once you tag yourself, their friends and family will be forced to wonder what in the hell is going on and why ‘Ashely’ is tagged as ‘Amber’. Give it a go…it’s really fun to do!

Comment on a photo from 10 years ago!

comment photo

When you first friend someone, what do you typically do? You go and stalk their photos right? Well, find a nice old photo to comment on and then find a few more and repeat the process. Really mess with them and act like the photo was just taken in your comment, they will correct you and say the photo is super old…but just come back and pretend it’s still a recent photo!

Comment on ‘old’ life events that you had zero part in!


This is the best! Facebook gives the ability for the user to share their old life memories and what better way to mess with someone than to comment on them as though you were part of it!


Request someone’s relationship status!


This is just too good! There is nothing requesting someone’s relationship status when you know damn well what it is already. You can have a lot of fun with this one!

Then request their address….for zero reason!


Friend request someone else’s grandma!

This is one of the creepiest things you can do on FB for sure. First you want to get accepted by one of your friends grandmama’s and then…

grandma fb

Send a poke!

grandma fb2

Interact with brand name FB accounts!

brand name

This is just annoying…plain and simple.


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