9 Things To Not Think About At Work…If You Want To Get Ahead!

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People who get ahead at the workplace…tend to be focused, or they are just huge kiss asses…but typically they are focused. Unless they are focused on being a huge kiss ass, then that works too I guess. Anyways, if you want to succeed at your job and move ahead in life, there are certain things you shouldn’t dwell on or think about ‘too‘ much at the workplace, because this will only set you back!

how to get ahead at work

Michael Scott – The Office


1. Dwelling on how much you hate your job. 

This is a huge No-No! It is okay to casually say ‘I’m over my f**king job’, but leave it at that. You don’t want to make it a habit of saying or thinking that. If you truly hate your job and think about it all the time…you should quit and find a different career path.

Negativity breeds negativity, so by thinking about how much you hate your job all the time…will only brew a massive shit storm of negativity.

2. Thinking about the old days. 

Sure we all used to be super cool, carefree and crazy in college…but those days are over! It’s adult time now! Focus on the here and now. Remember…the more successful you are, the more money you will make…and money means freedom! If you focus, make a shit ton of money…then you can go back to being wild and crazy! I’m pretty sure that is what the bible says.

3. Thinking your co-workers are dipshits.

Dwight – The Office

Dwelling on the fact that you think your co-workers are yahoo’s, will ultimately affect your own performance. Trust me…I did this once. I was pissed off at my co-workers for being lazy…so I became lazy. That job didn’t work out so hot!

4. Worry about your co-workers relationships

Office drama is everywhere, but you don’t have to get involved. Getting involved in co-workers relationships isn’t going to further your career and if anything…you will just end up being a shoulder to cry on when shit goes sour in their relationships. Are you a shoulder…or a successful human? I think Martin Luther King Jr. said that.

5. Thinking about how much money you make…or don’t make!

So many people obsess over their salary. Don’t worry about it…if you are not making enough now…work harder, smarter and the money will be there eventually. Just look at the movie Scarface…Tony Montana was patient…and the money eventually came flooding in.

6. Focusing on political and religious thoughts of co-workers. 

Seriously…who gives a poop? Religious talk, political talk…nothing positive ever comes from that. It doesn’t even matter if you agree with your co-worker on politics and religion…you will still fight. That’s just how that crap works. Don’t dwell on it…stay clear and focus on your J.O.B.!

7. Thinking about how hot a co-worker is. 

Pam – The Office

This is a tough one! If you work with others…there is bound to be a time where some sort of attraction happens between you and a co-worker. Be freaking careful! Although office romances are kind of hot…they almost always end shitty. You never hear about Bob and Tina hooking up at the office Christmas party, marrying and having like 10,000 babies…it just doesn’t happen.

Steer clear of the office romances…after all…you could lose your job!

8. The grass is always greener. 

Stop dreaming about a new job unless you are 100% sure you are getting a new job. If not, focus on the job you have and move your ass up the line! Thinking about a new job daily will eventually just screw you over, mentally and physically.

9. Don’t stab people in the back…or even think about doing it!

Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes the office punk who gathers up information on other co-workers and then stabs them in the back with a big old gossip filled knife! That doesn’t nothing for your career! Unless….it’s super juicy and can the person who holds the job you want fired! 

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