Professional Blackjack Card Counter Gets ‘Backed Off’ Table By Pit Boss

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First off, what is a card counter?

  1. Card counters are a class of advantage players, who attempt to decrease the inherent casino house edge by keeping a running tally of all high and low valued cards seen by the player.

Now that we know what card counting is…let’s get to the story at hand!

Colin is a professional card counter and makes a living going casino to casino, sitting at blackjack tables, and putting down big money when the shoe of cards gets rich…aka…the card count is in his favor. Casino’s however, don’t typically take a liking to card counters and if a card counter is found to be playing in their casino, the Pit Boss will ask them to back away from the table. Card counters call this a ‘Back Off’.

Colin is the subject of a documentary called ‘High Rollers, The True Story Of Card Counting Christian’s’. While filming for the documentary, he was followed by undercover cameras to capture what a real ‘Back Off’ is like.

Initially Colin sits down at the table and starts to establish the card count. When the card count is in the casino’s favor, he only bets $5 per hand. Once the card count turns in his favor, Colin starts betting three hands at a time at $200 per hand. This gains the attention of the Pit Boss and after a few hands, Colin is asked to ‘Back Off’.

Colin is taken away from the table where the Pit Boss explains to him that he knows he is counting cards. Colin does not deny this fact as card counting is not illegal, it is simply not condoned by many casino’s. This Pit Boss however, gets himself in a little bit of a bind when speaking with Colin. The Pit Boss comes up with certain rules for Colin that only apply to him if he were to continue to play the game and Colin doesn’t take a liking to that.

Source : Youtube