12 Of The Worst Coupons Ever Created

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What on earth is ‘Man Doo’? And why do I want it? Source

Just like your mom used to say to you when you asked for something at the store. You get nothing.  Source

Excludes all toys? Hmmm. Source

Oh, please….Let me spend $10 so I can snag a random piece of celery! Source

 I have seen plenty of cereal coupons…but not serial killer coupons. Source

 This coupon from Coupons For My Lover, a website that allows you to create coupons to give to your significant other, is both romantic…and heavily sarcastic. Source

“Some manufacturers have chosen not to participate in this promotion.” Umm…which ones? You know if you find an instrument you want to buy…it wont be included in this coupon. That’s just the way of the world. Source

Michelle Marshall paid roughly $15 for a Groupon voucher for the Universal Sports Arena course, which is located next to the Titanic Quarter of Belfast, Ireland. Above is what was advertised, below is what she got. Despite driving 20 miles to get there, the family left after just 15 minutes. (Source)

This makes me want to buy a coffee and take a whopping stack of napkins to go. Source

First off…what the f*** is ‘Diet Big Red’? Secondly, how does this sugary beverage pair up with eggs? Source


In 1962 you could save 5-cents off of your favorite cleaning product. In 2016, you could save 10-cents. Now that is progress. Source

This is a coupon you will want to hold on to…as it doesn’t go into affect until the year 2028. Source

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