This Horrifying Zombie Containment Unit Belongs On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Halloween used to be as simple as cutting a couple of holes in a sheet and running out the door to intimidate strangers into giving you free candy. Times have changed, and Halloween has been knocked up a notch thanks to guys like Nic Andrews.

Andrews is the CEO and owner of Hi-Rez Designs, a company he started after spending 17 years working in Hollywood. Being a bit of a horror buff, his company specializes in creating cutting-edge Halloween and haunted attraction visual effects products. Their latest? This terrifyingly real zombie containment unit.

The unit stands upright with flexible sides and an LCD screen featuring a zombie and security readout footage. The zombie on the screen doesn’t seem to particularly appreciate being imprisoned in his claustrophobic enclosure and goes into a fit of rage, as bloodthirsty zombies are known to do.

The zombie begins to bang on the walls of the unit, causing the sides to bow out and then turns his attention to the screen that acts as a viewing window. He begins hitting the glass, eventually appearing to “break” it and causing his supposedly toxic zombie gases to escape. It looks like it won’t be long before the zombie escapes, as well.

Watch the video of the unit in action. This is something any horror fan would want!


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