Five Most Common Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight, No Matter How Hard You Try

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Does this ever happen to you? You’ve gotten back to exercising and started eating healthily, but still you aren’t losing weight. Another thing that could’ve happened is that you started to shed some pounds at the beginning, but gained it all back. Here are a five of the most common reasons as to why you cannot keep off that excess weight. 

1. Lack Of Sleep  


Getting less sleep than what your body needs can lead to higher stress hormone levels which lowers your immune system and makes you susceptible to sickness. Stress hormones make weight loss difficult and your metabolism will eventually slow down. 

Make sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Giving yourself a cut off from using all gadgets at a certain time at night, and avoiding alcohol and coffee are good ways of being able to sleep soundly at night. 

Maintaining darkness in your room and a cool temperature promotes better rest and relaxation. Getting good quality sleep will give you enough energy the next day for exercise. 

2. Eating Too Much 


Even if you are lessening your food intake when trying to lose weight, calorie counting is a bit more complicated than it looks like because all calories are not created equal, depending on the quality of the food you eat. For example, 100 calories of peanut butter will be ingested differently as compared to 100 calories of a Coca-Cola. Knowing all the ingredients behind the product will help you choose what to eat wisely. 

The best advice is to stop wasting your calories with sugared beverages such as soft drinks, canned juices, sports drinks and special coffees. All the sugar in these drinks will end up making you hungrier so you should do yourself a favor and cancel out all of these from of your diet. 

Substitute heather snacks that are filled with protein and fiber so you can stay fuller for a longer period of time such as nuts, fruits and chopped vegetables. You can also track your food and count all the good calories so you see what food is worth eating. A good calorie counter is the MyFitnessPal App, and it’s free too! 

3. Eating Too Little 


This may seem a little confusing at the beginning, since the main understanding of how to lose weight is ultimately to cut down calories. This explanation comes back to controlling to stress hormones and not letting the metabolism slow down. 

When the body is being starved, the metabolism slows down as a defense mechanism because it doesn’t want to waste the nutrients that it has in storage. It starts conserving what it has thinking it won’t be getting any other nutrients anytime soon. 

You have to nourish yourself in order to have energy to train and exercise, as well as lose the weight in a healthy manner. The body needs constant fuel through the food we intake in order to function at its best and lose weight. 

4. Excessive Exercise 


When you work out excessively, you are not giving your body time to rest and recover which makes things stressful for your central nervous system. The same reasoning goes for lack of sleep, that when your body is constantly being stressed, then it will release stress hormones that make it more difficult to achieve weight loss. 

Overtraining can also lead to muscle strains, and eventually, injuries. When the body is constantly being exhausted, this also weakens the immune system which will make you prone to sickness. 

Taking care of your body means having that balance to give yourself time for rest and recovery in order to improve fitness and weight loss. 

5. Not Building Muscle 


Doing exercises to have good lean muscle is a vital part to weight loss. Building muscle through strength training requires a full body effort which burns a lot of calories. This style of exercise puts the body in a good hormonal state, which is what we need to maintain a fast metabolism. Your body will continue burning calories long after your workout is done because of the quality of exercise you are doing. 

Having more muscle alone increases the chances of burning calories faster because lean muscles are active even when the body is in a state of rest. Imagine sitting still and relaxing, yet still calories are being burned. This is exactly what you want to achieve through your exercise regimen. 

To sum it all up – sleeping more, avoiding liquid calories, eating healthily and having a good exercise regimen will be the most basic solutions for you to get on the path of a healthy diet and lifestyle while losing weight without even trying so hard. Good luck! 


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