How To Build The Coolest DIY Adult Sized Slip-‘N-Slide!

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Lets face it, slip-‘n-slides are awesome! Kids love them…but so do adults! Sadly, most adults can’t hurl their bodies in fits of joy down a kiddie slip-‘n-slide, so we must improvise!


Here is how you can make your own super cool, adult sized slip-‘n-slide!

What you need:

1. Roll of Thick Plastic Sheeting, 10 Feet x 100 Feet

This is your biggest expense (alongside the detergent, depending on what you get), and should run you about $60. Here’s an example of what you need, although any legitimate hardware store should have a similar product.

Tip: Don’t skimp by opting for a thinner plastic. You want the thickest plastic you can find (look for 6 mil) in order to prevent tears from seashells, rocks, etc., and to provide a little bit of extra protection for you and your friends from anything hard and sharp below.

2. Shovel

This slip-‘n-slide was made on the beach, which is the easiest way to do it. Using the shovel, it takes about half an hour to secure the sides of the tarp by burying them slightly and then piling sand along the edge.

If you plan to try this in a grassy area, you can use tent stakes, but you will want to push them all the way into the ground so that they don’t protrude at all, for obvious safety reasons.

3. Lubricant

To make sure you slide after you slip, you’ll need a generous layer of slime across your plastic. You can use baby oil, which works great but makes for a greasy day. Dish soap is best!


4. Water

In an ideal scenario, you’ll have access to a hose that can run at a trickle throughout the day, keeping your slip-‘n-slide wet and ready for the duration. If you’re buying one, get a long one, or a few that can easily connect to each other. If you’re on the beach, bring a few buckets so you don’t have to constantly fill them up, and just add a little bit of water after every ride.


How To Build:

Building the slip-‘n-slide is easy. Begin by choosing your spot. You’ll want a flat space 10 feet by 100 feet, plus about a 40-foot “runway” on one end. Carefully and slowly walk the entire area and remove any sharp or hard objects that could rip the plastic or hurt when you’re sliding over them at top speed.

Once the area is clear, roll your plastic out. Either bury the edges or carefully stake it down. Start with a generous soap application along the entire length of the plastic, and then give it a light watering.

You’re ready to go!

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