10 Common Misconceptions About Catering Services For Your Wedding

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Many people opt for sit down dinners during their wedding because they have certain fears about buffet catering. After all, if it’s your wedding party, then you’ll want people to remember that they ate good food, drank their fill, and partied the night away. Unfortunately, many engaged couples believe catering rumors and assume them to be true. But if you really want to give your guests the freedom of choosing their own food from a buffet, then don’t be scared. Here are the top ten wedding catering misconceptions that you should be aware of:

A buffet is cheaper than a sit down dinner.

A buffet being less expensive that a sit down dinner is such a myth. Don’t believe this misconception because a buffet can actually be more expensive. Sit down dinners have their portions controlled, with guests being unable to get second helpings. Buffets require more food because people are known to come back for a second plate to savor the extensive food line-up. On top of that, buffets need more money because they use more manpower and equipment because of the various trays of food lined up in a buffet table.

Off season weddings are cheaper.

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This is very untrue! For catering, the weather doesn’t matter. Whatever the season, the price is always the same. The reasons is food, labor, and equipment such as chafing dishes, linen, cutlery, and plates are not affected by seasonal changes. Do not expect big discounts because of the weather when you make your booking.

Minimal servers make it less expensive.

According to Byron Bay Wedding Catering, it is a common myth to think that wedding catering means employing less servers and staff. On the contrary, ample catering staff should always be present to ensure that there are no glitches during the day o f the party. Remember, if you cut on wait staff, your guests are bound to wait due to potential long service delays.

Catering is just about the food.

Delicious mouth watering food is the most important part of any wedding reception. However, this is only the end product of a catering service. There are many things happening behind the scenes to get those food items presentable on the serving trays. They also come with the wait staff, which help set-up the buffet table. They can even decorate this table, making their hands full.

Installing a catering station is super easy.

In reality, weddings that choose the catering option face many challenges. Thinking of the table set-up and planning the menu takes days in advance. On top of that the team has to ensure that they have enough ingredients, which are pure and fresh for food preparation. They then whip these up into delicious food items, while making sure that tableware essentials are at the site. Whoever said that this wedding catering is easy needs to re-calibrate their mindset.

Catered food and the restaurant are the same.

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They are most certainly not the same thing. Restaurant food follows a standard, so it is easier to make and requires less staff to make it because they serve the same things over and over again. However, wedding catering should be special not just for the bride and groom but for all the guests, so menus are generally customized to suit the client’s tastes.

Food served by the caterer is tasteless and boring.

This particular misconception is the most saddening of the lot. Food that’s catered actually tastes more exciting because there is an expert team that makes the fresh ingredients come into fruition. Most caterers even have non traditional menus, so they can offer other stuff if the menu is not to your liking.

Catering is not a good deal.

Since it can be more expensive than a regular meal, many believe in the myth that catering is not a good deal. However, they fail to factor into the picture the amount of starters, drinks, salad, etc that have to be prepared and made ahead of time. These elements, coupled with good food and amazing customer service, make catering a good choice that gives you the bang for your back.

You have to pad your guest count when you opt for catering.

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Many people believe that they have to pad their guest count to make sure that all the party goers do not run out of food. After all, appetite is one thing that you cannot control, so wedding guests may indeed come back for seconds and thirds. However, there is no need to tamper with the guest list because caterers prepare for this element.

Food will run out if it is catered.

Last, but not least, it is impossible to run out of food in a catering service because the caterer already pads your number of guest list. They literally make additional food to ensure that everyone is happy and full. If ever there are guests that suddenly come, the caterer is the one to address the problem.

Choosing to have your wedding catered is not a bad idea at all. Just make sure you do your research by comparing the menus, reading the terms of service, examining the prices, and the like so your wedding catering will be successful. With many catering services out there in the market today, you’re bound to find one that feels just right.