9 Most Amazing And Creative Wedding Souvenir

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A wedding souvenir, otherwise known as the wedding favor, gives a couple a tangible way to say “thank you” to their guests. Many couples will place their wedding souvenirs on an elegantly decorated table right by the door so that guests can grab one of the gifts as they head home after the wedding. Unfortunately, some couples are at a loss when it comes to choosing really creative wedding favors. If you and your intended have found yourselves in this predicament, then you’ll appreciate these nine amazing wedding souvenirs.

1. Little Pieces of Art

If you’re a part of a couple who believes that artists, like Rembrandt or Vincent Van Gogh should be sainted, then you’ll love this mini-art and easel wedding favor that The Knot highlighted on its blog. To make these little pieces of table art, you need to buy a package of mini-canvases and easels, plus the paint or markers to decorate them. Fill each canvas with pretty lines from your favorite poems, dried flowers, personalized drawings, or any other sentiment that represents the two of you. (These are definitely some of the cutest wedding souvenir ideas we’ve seen at Brisbane Luv Bridal!)

2. Personalized Camp Mugs

Rustic destination weddings get a thoughtful twist with some personalized tin camping mugs. This idea comes from Martha Stewart Weddings. Making these mugs is simple. Just get some classic metal mugs and paint the sides of the mugs with the information about your wedding. Add the date, the couple’s name, location, etc. As an added touch, serve coffee or tea in them on the final morning before your guests head back to civilization.

3. Mini Bubbles

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Throwing rice or birdseed at the couple as they head off on their honeymoon is a wedding tradition that some couples want to do away with. (These items can cause quite a mess.) Couples who still want a sweet wedding recessional can substitute bubbles for rice or seeds, and if they wrap up little bottles of bubbles with bows and personalized wedding information, these bottles of tiny bubbles become cute wedding souvenirs.

4. Speaking of Bubbles..

Personalized mini-bottles of pink champagne (or other beverage of choice) make thoughtful wedding souvenirs. Companies, like Zazzle make personalized wine labels. Create your own label to commemorate your wedding and stick the labels on the beverage of your choice.

5. Fun in the Sun

The local Dollar Store can be your friend when it comes time to make your wedding favors. If you’re having a beach wedding, then stop by the Dollar Store and nab enough of their $1 sunglasses to make a favor for each of your guests. Design a pretty label and tie it onto the sunglasses to create your beach-themed wedding souvenirs.

6. Hot Cocoa

Source: https://www.bridalguide.com/

A mug of dry hot cocoa mix, with a few marshmallows and some mini-candy canes make for some sweet (literally) wedding souvenirs for your winter wedding. To make this, fill a mug-style jar with the dry cocoa mix, marshmallows, and the candy canes. Put the lid on the mug, and then tie a note onto the mug with some ribbon.

7. Personalized Candles

It’s time for a trip to the Dollar Store again. This time, you’re looking for pretty candles that you can personalized with a ribbon and a tag commemorating your wedding. You can either opt for candles that match, meaning that you may buy 50 candles that look exactly the same. Or you can buy different styles of candles – tapers, boxed sets, large scented ones in glass jars, etc. – to add pizzazz to your souvenir table.

8. Foodie Gifts

Decorative tea towels with love quotes embroidered in them make thoughtful gifts, particularly if you and your spouse are ardent foodies. Buy some plain linen tea towels and personalize them with quotes, information about your wedding, etc. If you can’t embroider, then consider hand-painting them with T-shirt paint or using an iron-on design.

9. Customized Sweets

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Couples with a sweet tooth can share their love of all things sweet by creating little jars of assorted candies for their wedding guests. These favors are super simple to make. You need only to buy some small jars with lids and fill each one up with your assorted candy flavors. Put the lid back on the jar and decorate the jar with a ribbon and your personalized wedding tag.