20 Popular Topics For Student Debate

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One of the important problems of modern society is the problem of communication between people. A future specialist will be able to achieve success in professional activities and will learn to work with colleagues only if he has a high level of communicative culture. Debate helps students learn how to communicate, manage communication and gain public speaking skills.

Debate rules

The debate is a technology proposed by the famous American sociologist Karl Popper. It is an intellectual game for students, a special form of discussion, which is conducted according to certain rules. The essence of the debate is that the two teams put forward their arguments and counterarguments about the proposed topic, trying to convince the jury of their innocence. 

There are several considerations regarding the need for debate. The most important thing is that the ability to lead a debate will be useful to students in life. They will help participants to develop critical thinking, to look at things from different points of view, to question facts and ideas, to logically build arguments and convince. 

Thus, the educational meaning of the debate is that the students gain the most important abilities:

  • Substantiate the position using reliable reasoning;
  • Analyze the information received and concentrate on the essence of the problem;
  • Establish logical connections between the phenomena;
  • Distinguish between facts and points of view, identify errors, falsifications and stereotypes.

How to play?

The essence of the debate is to convince a neutral third party (judges) that your arguments are better than the arguments of your opponent. Although the essence is simple, the strategies and techniques, by which the desired result is achieved, can be complex.

It is a rather complicated process to prepare for a debate. Thus, students often turn to specialists for help. For example, when it is necessary to pick up good arguments, structure them correctly, etc. If you enter a request “write my paper for cheap” in the search engine, you will see that there are many companies that provide similar services to students, however, you should contact the reliable professionals such as CustomWritings.com and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of service.

Three principles of debate

Debate teaches a lot

The debate is organized in such a way as to help participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a modern democratic society. According to this principle, the first purpose of the debate is training. In other words, training matters more than victory.

The obligation of honesty

The task of the participant in the debate is to be honest in their arguments, in the use of evidence and in answers during the period of cross-cutting issues.


The debate does not concern the identity of the participants. The debate is about ideas and their clashes. Only justified arguments can be the acceptable weapon in a clash of ideas.

Debate topics

The theme of the debate must meet several conditions:

  • Clarity and concreteness of wording;
  • Unambiguous understanding;
  • Perspectives for discussion;
  • Relevance to participants.

In addition, you should pay attention to the inadmissibility of a very broad wording of the topic due to the impossibility of its disclosure and discussion in a short time frame.

Sample debate topics

The following are the most popular topics for debate:

  • Civil disobedience is a strong form of protest;
  • Censorship undermines fundamental freedoms;
  • Euthanasia can be justified;
  • Television and print press need sensationalism when submitting news;
  • Immigration restrictions are justified;
  • UFO exists;
  • Morality depends on culture;
  • Is the Internet an alternative to reality?
  • Men and women are equal for any work;
  • Feminism is a bad ideology;
  • Modern methods of punishment are imperfect;
  • The use of animals in scientific research is unjustified;
  • Religious cults are dangerous for society;
  • Media censorship is immoral;
  • Can freedom be complete?
  • European economic integration will expand world trade;
  • Sexual discrimination is unethical and offenders must be punished;
  • Television has a harmful effect on our society;
  • Criminal behavior is biologically predetermined;
  • Advertising is unethical.

These are common debate topics that are usually used in debates. In fact, the list goes on and on.