Bartender Finds $20, Buys Winning $1M Lottery Ticket

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AWESOMEBartender Hubert Tang has had a lucky streak. First, he found a $20 bill outside San Francisco Airport. Then, he took the $20 and bought two $10 scratch-off tickets. One of them won $1 million. His luck may be contagious too. Since Mr. Tang is on a lucky streak, it’s worth noting that his other ticket may still be valuable too. He has a second chance to win up to $25,000.

Tang states that he has not purchased a lottery ticket in over 10 years. After he purchased the pair of scratch offs, Tang scratched them outside of the store and informed his friend that he wasn’t sure if this was real, but he thinks he just won million dollars.

Tang will put the money into savings accounts and pay some of the money forward. “I may start leaving $20 bills in random places” Tang stated.

The IRS however will have a pay day as well. The federal and California tax bite is big, at 39.6% federal and 13.3% California.

None the less, it was still a ton of money that Tang didn’t have before!

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