Will Smith’s New Movie Targets The Seriousness Of Head Trauma In The Game Of Football

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The NFL is feeling the heat lately in regards to the safety of their players. Concussions and various types of head trauma have long been an issue for NFL players and the subject is back in the spotlight.

Many influential people such as President Obama, Lebron James and various doctors who work in the trauma field have come out recently with statements stating that football is too dangerous of a sport for children to play and that they would not allow their children to play.

There are also various inventions that have come to fruition in recent months that will help protect a football players head region while on the field.

Opening Christmas day is Will Smith’s new movie called ‘Concussion’ which touches upon the seriousness of head trauma in the game.

Hopefully with all of this awareness and these new anti-trauma inventions the game can continue to be played the way it is for many years to come!