The Winners The Best Breathtaking Aerial Photographs Taken By Drones Have Just Been Announced

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Social media platform Dronestagram just announced its winners for their fifth annual drone photography contest. The competition attracted contestants from all over the world showcasing entries from their own countries in different continents. Capturing photos of our planet through unique perspectives from aerial points of view, drones are showcasing the best photography has to offer.

The winner of this year’s international competition was Hungry Hippos by zekedrone (  His drone shot was taken at a low altitude, showcasing a herd of hippos in a mud of water happily hanging out. With a variety of different categories people can take photos of; such as nature, people, creatives and urbanization – the judges were faced with a hard decision choosing which of the beautifully high-quality entries should win.

The images entered in the competition showed a testament to the creativity that drones are able to capture, as well as the passion and skill of aerial photographers from all over the world..

”This year we decided to simplify the rules of the contest in order to give the greatest freedom to our community of drone photography enthusiasts. We were not disappointed with the result: thousands of amazing pictures among which it was extremely difficult to make a choice,”  said Eric Dupin, the founder of Dronestagram.


If you want to join in the new genre of aerial photography, be sure of the rules and regulations about flying drones in your neighborhood. There have been recent restrictions that do not allow drones to fly above certain areas, such as above British airports.   A little advice from Eric for those to want to test out their talent in drone photography, “First learn to fly a drone and master it perfectly before moving on to shooting. You can learn and train with a small and robust $50 drone, then once you know how to fly it, invest in a good camera drone. Try to fly in the countryside, and respect the local rules and laws!”

“A good drone picture must have a strong verticality and also show scenes close up, from a view that can only be taken by a drone. Then it must be artistic in its approach and style and if possible show life with humans or animals.”

Which photo did you think best captured our beautiful world? Let us know below in the comments!


First Place: Hungry Hippos by zekedrone

Source: zekedrone


Second Place: Fishing boat in Vietnam by Trung Pham

Source: Trung Pham


Third Place: 2 Dogs, 2 People, and 4 Shadows by Qliebin

Source: Qliebin


Fall In Love by zekedrone

Source: zekedrone


In the middle of the winter forest by photographersworld

Source: photographersworld


Harvest Water Lilies by Tuan Nguyen

Source: Tuan Nguyen


Cote Rocheuse by dronecopters

Source: dronecopters


Reynisdranger by balazs3 – Iceland’s South Coast

Source: Iceland’s South Coast


The Red Umbrella by caesarpmr

Source: caesarpmr


Between Two Worlds by Theodon

Source: Theodon


Laguna de Cotacotani by Alex Mimo

Source: Alex Mimo