Super Strange And Creepy Pictures Caught By Trail Cameras

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Trail cameras are often used by hunters or wildlife enthusiasts to see what sort of animals are roaming about. While these cameras often times pick up some really cool shots of wildlife, they have also been known to catch some super strange things on camera. 

Trail cams work using a motion sensor or timer. When the motion sensor is activated, the camera takes picture and will often times take one every few seconds until the motion sensor is deactivated. 

Check out some of these super weird pictures that no doubt had the trail cameras owners wondering, ‘What the heck is that?’. 

1. Girl With A Deer

This photograph was taken in Big Spring, Texas and shows a good size deer starring intently at what appears to be a little girl. Creepy!

2. Bigfoot?

This strange image was captured on a trail cam back in 2011. Many claim it is proof of the elusive Bigfoot, while others believe it could be a hoax. So, pretty much this has the same explanation as every other ‘Bigfoot’ picture you have ever seen. 

3. Umm…What Is That?

This image shows a ghostly image of what looks like a person strolling through the forest. A hoax? Who knows…but it is no doubt creepy. 

4. Oh ‘Hell’ No!

This trail cam seems to catch something supernatural and scary as hell. Even the deer is freaked out! 

5. Oh Deer!

This isn’t exactly freaky, but it is super strange. A flying squirrel has it out for this deer and the deer clearly doesn’t want anything to do with it!

6. Nope. Nope. Nope!

Not only is this clown completely out of place, it has a sinister grin that doesn’t make you want to venture out into those woods any time soon. 

7. In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

I’d like to think this deer is just playing dead in order to ward off the two predators that are clearly trying to snag a meal. Goes to show that the wild is just that…wild. 

8. A Mystery In The Woods

We are not sure what this creature is. One might think that it is a bear or bear cub, but the arms/legs seem to stretch too long. Hmmm. 

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