How To Make Super ‘Cool’ Do It Yourself Ice Candles That Will Last All Winter!

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Using the cold winter temps to your advantage, you can create super cool ice candles or (ice lanterns) that will last all winter!

You can make a plain looking clear ice candle, or get really creative and add a more festive holiday vibe to the them!


Here’s what you need:

  • Two empty tin cans or buckets, one small enough to fit inside the other with at least 1/2 inch of room on either side and at the bottom.
  • Faux greenery and berries (if you want)
  • Wire clippers
  • Rocks or some other heavy item
  • Tape

How to make:

Fill a small plastic cup or smaller bucket with rocks or something heave and put inside a larger plastic container. Fill large plastic container with water. As an option, add evergreen sprigs and/or berries to water to add some color and texture.

Carefully put inside a freezer (or outside if temperatures are below freezing.) Allow it to freeze for several hours or overnight.

Tip: The size and shape of the lanterns are only limited by the containers you find. Try making two huge ones to decorate a front door by using 5-gallon buckets and large pillar candles.


The ice may crack, but the cracks look beautiful against the candlelight. Set outside and insert tea light candle or pillar candle that will fit inside ice lantern.

If it’s below freezing where you live, you can just live on your front porch or front steps all winter!