If You Don’t Want To Hear Every Facebook Video…Change This Setting!

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Every time our favorite Facebook app gets an update, there seems to always be that one, annoying change that you just can’t stand. 

In a recent Facebook update, Consumerist is reporting that Facebook’s latest “customer experience” upgrade is basically just going to make everything louder.

In previous versions, when you came across a video…the video would play but the sound would be muted. According to an announcement from Facebook earlier this week. If your phone volume is on, videos will now play automatically, with sound.

So, how do you make it so that doesn’t happen. Because we all know there is nothing worse than having a video start playing at full volume while you are trying to be stealthy on your phone! 

Here is how to fix this. 

  • On Apple (iOS) devices, find the setting under Settings > Account Settings > Sounds, then use the toggle to disable “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.”
  • On Android devices, select “App Settings” and then scroll down to “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” and toggle off.

…And now you know!

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