Security Camera Captures Young Man Returning Wallet With $1500 Cash To Home Owner

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Bless this young man’s heart.

Melissa Vang’s husband dropped his wallet (with $1500 in cash and all his credit cards) at the end of their driveway. A young man walking by, picked up the wallet and instead of keeping the small fortune for himself, he decided to do the right thing and return the wallet.

The young man knocked on the door and rang the doorbell but Melissa was didn’t know the man, so she didn’t answer. The man decided to hold the wallet up to the home’s security camera to let them know he was returning the wallet, fully intact.

After Melissa and her husband watched the video, they located the young man, thanked him and rewarded him with $150 for being honest and kind.

Knowing now that the young man was simply trying to do a good deed, Melissa feels bad for not opening her door, but she simply didn’t trust him.