Learn A New Way To Make Cheap, Healthy Popcorn

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Popcorn is one of the best snack foods on the planet. There are so many flavors and ways to make popcorn really pop! However, some of those interesting ways to make popcorn result in a fattening snack. So why not make up a quick, healthy batch of the infamous movie time snack and treat yourself to a tasty treat without the guilt!

Gather a few simple supplies: a jar of all-natural popcorn kernels, some butter, and a microwave-safe bowl and plate.


First, pour your kernels into your bowl. Use about 1/4 cup of kernels.


Grab your butter. You can use anywhere from 2-tbsp or more if you want!


Place your microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl. Set the butter on top of the plate.


Cook for about 2:45 to 3 minutes (depending on your microwave’s wattage).


The plate not only allows air and heat to circulate within the bowl, but it prevents the kernels from escaping.


When all your kernels are popped, carefully remove the dishes.Your butter should be all melted, so drizzle it over your fresh popcorn.


Salt it to taste and you’re ready for movie night! 

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