VIDEO | Impala Antelope Being Chased By Cheetah, Jumps Into Tourist’s Vehicle For Safety

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Now this is wild!

An impala antelope has been videoed sensationally escaping two cheetahs – by leaping into a car full of tourists.

The terrified animal was just seconds away from death when an unexpected window of opportunity appeared.

A stunned Samantha Pittendrigh, filmed the impala leaping through a passenger window. This great escape took place in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

After a few moments, the tourists opened their car door and the impala walked away, unharmed and hopefully safe for the time being. 

While the two cheetahs focused their energy on the Houdini of antelopes, the antelopes buddies were able to escape. Check out some of their impressive leaps. Some of them clear the entire roadway in just one jump!


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