Can’t Sleep? Watch A Little ‘Napflix’ And You Will Be Asleep In No Time!

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If you are like me, it can be difficult to fall right asleep at night. I often times will pop on a little Netflix and then I get screwed out of sleep because I end up binge watching something. However, there is a new website called ‘Napflix‘, that is aimed at doing the exact opposite. 

The site features videos that are not overly exciting and little more peaceful. That way, you are still able to watch a little TV and you won’t get stuck binge watching over stimulating shows!

There are informational videos available, but be careful which one of those you choose. What some may consider “boring” may actually be quite interesting to you.

The one below is quite relaxing. It is a 31-minute video of Central Park in New York City. The camera never moves, so you are able to relax and just listen to the sounds of the park and surrounding city! Pretty cool!

Netflix also offers relaxing content in their Slow TV section. There, on your favorite go-to TV-viewing subscription service, you can find videos of women knitting, a train ride through the countryside and much, much more.

Give it a try…no need to Netflix and chill…when you can Napflix and nap! 

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