These Outdoor ‘Inflatable Movie Screens’ Are A Must Have This Summer!

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inflatable outdoor movie screens

These inflatable movie screens are a must have this summer! 

All you need is one of these awesome screens and a projector and you are ready to entertain guests and be entertained yourself! Summer nights will never be the same!

The first inflatable screen we will show you is made by a company called ‘Open Air Cinema’ and they come in a variety of sizes. Several other companies sell similar items, but open air offers a great selection and accessories too! Although…there prices are a tad on the high side. 

These would be perfect for a small town to purchase for a public movie night at the local park or pool. 

Open Air offers a 9, 12, 16 and 20 foot screens ranging in price from $799 to $3199.

Shocked at the price? Well luckily you can buy similar screens for much cheaper. 

Target offers one for just $169 and it has a 12.5′ screen!

Home Depot also offers a decent 72″ blow up movie screen too for just $144.68! 

If you are an Amazon shopper…there are a slew of awesome deals on similar inflatable screens too!

Check out the video below of one in action!