Deer Gone Wild! Guy Gets Jumped By A Flying Deer In Hotel Parking Lot!

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Cary McCook waved goodbye to his friend after being dropped off at his hotel. McCook saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye and then BOOM! A deer jumped him!

By the time the 25-year-old from Fort Ware, Canada, turned his head, he was already halfway to the pavement — taken out by a large deer that was sprinting away from a barking dog in the parking lot.

“I hear three gallops, I looked up and just then I see a deer fully committed in a leap of faith — and bam!” McCook told CBS News about the April 1 incident. “I was shocked, jumped back up and went to the truck. I was like, ‘Was that a deer?’”

The incident happened on April Fools’ Day, so naturally when McCook called his family to tell them what happened…they didn’t believe him.

McCook was determined to prove his story so he contacted the hotel manager to have a look at the security tapes. Sure enough…McCook was taken out by a deer!

Check it out below.


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