The Configurable ‘LoveSac’ Couch That Is A Must Have

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LoveSac configurable sofa couch

The LoveSac couch is one of the coolest products in the furniture world. Not only are their products super comfortable, you can configure them into all sorts of different shapes to suit your needs!

Theyre 100% washable – the back covers, the pillowcases, the seat covers, and the base covers can all be taken off and washed in a washing machine and hung to dry. They do not dry wrinkly and there is no ironing involved!

They are super comfortable.

They are made of soft foam – not firm. They only feel firm the first week you have them and then it feels like a perfectly worn-in couch that you’ve had for years.

You can purchase a LoveSac set up at the following places:

The prices are a little steep, but the reviews are quite good on the product and the warranty is pretty sweet (which you can read about here)