This Massive Inflatable Pool Is The Mother Of All Backyard Inflatable Pools

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That’s right! This inflatable pool is a whopping 33 feet x 26 feet! Just think of the fun you can have in this bad boy! 


The pool, depending on which model/brand you purchase — is only 2 – 3 feet deep however. But who cares, especially when it’s super hot out! 

Imagine just floating around in the thing all day…adult beverage in hand!


This particular model is sold overseas, but will ship to the United States. You can purchase it on the very popular website, for just $544 USD, however the shipping will run you $603. Shipping may seem a little high, but it is being shipped via DHL, right to your doorstep. For a backyard pool this size, $1147 truly isn’t that bad of a price!

These pools are made from PVC materials and they are super durable.

If you are looking for different sizes, or shapes, this company offers that. They all have roughly the same price point though.

Could you imagine the parties you could have with this thing? If you have children, you know they will love it! Just be careful where you put it on your lawn — because this is more than likely a major grass killer!