Jim Carrey Says The ‘Old Me Is Gone’. Meet The Replacement!

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Jim Carey old me gone

We are certainly seeing a different Jim these days, and the veteran actor admits he’s not the same person he once was. Now in replace of the old goofy Jim Carrey, we have this new “enlightened” being.

In this interview Jim Carrey claims Jim Carrey is gone, he never existed and now he feels he can communicate in an authentic way because there’s nothing at stake and things seem to be happening that matter to other people or apparently matter to other people. Jim goes on further to say he is free of whatever construct appeared to be…

Listening to Carrey speak, it seems that he is simply gracious for his wonderful career and all that took place in the past, but none of that defined the ‘true’ Jim Carrey as a person and that is what he is portraying now.

Have a listen to the full thing, see what you think.

Jim Carrey Opens Up About Struggling to Find Himself Again – Variety