Emotional Interview With Mike Tyson Turns Subtly Scary

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Mike Tyson is known for being a little out there. His crazy antics and seemingly uncontrollable nature have landed him in the spot light many times over the years. However, there appears to be good reason for much of his behavior, and it certainly doesn’t all stem from years in the boxing ring.

The video clip below shows an emotional moment during an interview that Tyson was giving inside of his home. Tyson was speaking to the reporter about the tragic loss of his 4-year-old daughter. As the reporter asked questions, Tyson gave very emotional answers and explained that after that horrific day, he changed.

The reporter asked Tyson if a new ‘Mike Tyson‘ was born the day after his daughters passing. Tyson gave a short summary of what the following weeks entailed and then Tyson’s attitude changed abruptly.

Starring deep into the eyes of the reporter, Tyson mumbled, ‘You have to go now. You know that right? Thank you.”

Tyson shook the interviewers hand, asked the crew to leave his home and he walked away.

The look Tyson gave the reporter was certainly intimidating and one that no one wants to see coming from Mike Tyson. This is certainly a rare glimpse into the real life of Mike Tyson outside of the ring.