Remember MTV’s Tom Green? Well He Apparently He Has Some Serious Rap Skills

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Remember when  used to rule the MTV airwaves with his crazy antics, sketches and real life nutty escapades? The tall, skinny Canadian comedian was fearless on his show and truly didn’t have a care in the world. He was a tad out of control, opinionated and absolutely crazy, but that is why viewers gravitated towards Green. He was interesting to watch.

In this three year old clip, Green is doing his own show where clearly anything goes as the F bomb is dropped quite frequently and he and his guests sip on Rolling Rocks instead of water. The clip features famed rapper Xzibit as Green’s guest and what better thing to do when you have a famed rapper sitting next to you…of course…you have a rap battle.

Take a listen to Green’s rap skills, because they are pretty freaking good! So good, that Xzibit appears to be blown away.



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