Tom Hanks Helps Youtube Star Fulfill Lifelong Dream, Rap Scene From ‘BIG’ Together.

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Lets face it, Tom Hanks is pretty much the man! He is the fourth highest paid actor of all time and his films have made nearly 9 billion dollars worldwide. Even with that said, he still finds the time to a normal, educated and awesome individual. 

Wesley Chan and Philip Wang are a Youtube famous duo who, like the rest of us, grew up watching Hanks do his thing on the movie screen. Recently, the internet personalities got the chance of a lifetime. They traveled to Florence, Italy for the premiere of Hanks’ new movie ‘Inferno’ and met the man himself.

Before interviewing Hanks, Wesley admitted that his favorite film and scene of all time was the rap that Hanks lets loose in BIG. He hoped to perform the rap with Hanks during the interview, and his dream came true in a big way. Check out the awesome moment below!

Oh and Hanks also lets us know that the famous rap that was used in the movie BIG came from his kids summer camp! While on set the producers needed a catchy song and Hanks offered up the catchiest ‘rap’ of all time! 

Hanks still has it! Check out the original from the movie BIG below!

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