Seven Things That Should Be Kept Secret

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Let’s face it. Society prospers on close relationships and communication. This makes man very curious about the lives of people surrounding them, which in turn, makes secrets harder to keep. Keeping confidential information to yourself can make all the difference when push comes to shove. Transparency to your friends and neighbors is a good thing to a certain extent, but there are still come things that shouldn’t be divulged to avoid being the topic of jealous and toxic gossip.

Here are the 7 things to be quiet about:

1. Property


We live in a world where half the population cannot even enjoy life’s basic needs, like a home they can call their own. There are also those that feel they deserve more than what they were given, and these are the creatures of jealousy. There is no need to divulge all the properties you own, to avoid being scammed by these jealous mongers.


2.  Family issues


Nothing can cause more negative attention than talking about family problems. You will end up hanging out people who have the same issues, which will create a vicious cycle of dwelling in familiar issues.  Ever hear about criminals who came from abusive homes? Sharing details others don’t need know about may attract likeminded people close to you. Bond over positive things, instead of concentrating on the negative, to avoid the risk of someone even taking advantage of your pain and suffering. Other than that, talk to someone you know you can fully trust.


3. Charity


There is a popular proverb that says “Do charity silently, or else the charity is you.” This makes perfect sense because performing a selfless act for someone else is simply because you want to help. By shouting it out to the world that you are a charitable person will give the wrong idea to others, thinking you’re only doing these acts to boost your ego. Nobody needs to know you’ve help people around you, aside from those in need.


4. Goals and dreams


Only because a person who is envious of you could sabotage your hard work to achieve your lifelong dreams; or they could also steal your ideas.


5. Religious views


History can prove that your religious views should be kept to yourself, seeing as most of the wars we’ve had were due to religion. What’s important is that we respect everybody and whichever faith they adhere to.


6. Other’s secrets


Being privy to other’s secrets is because they trusted you enough to tell you. Appreciate the fact that they would keep your secrets too.


7. Money


Money, the reason for scamming and jealousy. People can’t help comparing themselves to others, so doing without this type of conversation will be better for everyone.


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