She May Not Remember Her Son, But When He Starts To Play, Magic Happens

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When a family member is diagnosed with a terminal disease or permanent, progressive condition, it is a tragedy. Not only does it take its toll on the individual, but also on the people that love them.

This son wanted to cheer his mother up with a touching song, but unfortunately, his mother doesn’t truly recognize him. She has Alzheimer’s Disease, and many people in her life are sometimes a stranger to her. It is heartbreaking for her husband and four children, but they will never stop supporting her.

At first, she seems confused, but as soon as her son began to sing, she truly lit up. (Grabbing a box of tissues may be necessary.)


This video was taken while this mother was still living with her husband and son. Since this was filmed, she moved into an assisted living community so that she could receive care around the clock, as well as love from her family.