This ‘Guitar Pee’ Urinal Lets You Play Guitar While You Pee

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Well now we have seen it all haven’t ‘wee’? You see what I did there? 

Anyways, there is a new urinal in town and it is pretty awesome! The urinal is coined ‘Guitar Pee’ and it lets you play guitar while you pee. 

Simply let it flow into the urinal and the sensor-mounted strings produce different notes which then resonate through wall-mounted speakers.

Created by Billboard Brasil, the urinal is currently “touring bars” in São Paulo, Brazil. This just seems like it is one more awesome reason to visit, really. 

As if the Guitar Pee urinal isn’t bad-ass enough. Your performance is uploaded to a website for all to listen too! Sweet!

This truly brings a new meaning to ‘rock out with your…’, well, you get the idea!



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