Keith Urban Picks Fan From Crowd, Hands Him A Guitar And Is Blown Away By His Skill

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Keith Urban Robert Joyce Fan Guitar

Country star Keith Urban, has been known to pull some surprises out of his hat during his concerts. Surprises like plucking random fans out of the audience and letting them share the spotlight for a while.

Keith Urban Robert Joyce Fan Guitar


At one of Urban’s shows, he asked an incredibly talented guitarist named Robert Joyce to join him on the stage after noticing a sign Robert’s girlfriend was holding up. The sign told Keith that it was Robert’s birthday.

Keith Urban Robert Joyce Fan Guitar

“He could be your backup guitarist,” Robert’s girlfriend, Lex, tells Keith. Keith then turns to him and says: “Really? My back-up guitarist? No pressure!”


Well, it was Robert’s time to shine and show Urban what he’s got…and he did just that!