29 Signs That Say You Are A Genius

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Source: Awesome Jelly

You may have been called smart at some point in your life. You may even have been called smart quite often. But have you ever wondered if you are really smart? We mean, the special, gifted sort. Think along the lines of Einstein, whose name alone is synonymous with being a genius. Sadly, coming up with things that Einstein discovered like the quantum theory of light or theory of relativity is not something that happens every day. However, do you know that even if you haven’t discovered or invented anything (yet) of significance, you can still be considered a genius? There are in fact, several types of geniuses, such as the linguistic (writers or authors), musical (musicians and composers), physical (athletes), and emotional (actors), aside from a few more types that include the “typical” genius like the mathematical genius.
There are signs that point to one’s level of intelligence and if you’re really interested in finding out if you are really smart aside from taking the usual IQ test, then read on as you may not realize that you possess these traits that may not exactly put you in The Big Bang Theory company, but qualifies you as one goddamn smart motherf*cker! Wait, that’s a sign!”