The X-Factor Audition That Left The Judges In Tears & Simon Unable To Speak

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Josh Daniel sang Labrinth’s “Jealous” recently on the X-Factor UK. Josh’s performance was so incredible and emotional that it left the judges in tears and it left Simon completely speechless. Simon was at a complete loss for words and simply requested the panel skip over him and go straight to a vote. 

After all three judges gave an emotional ‘yes’, Josh’s audition being the last one of the day, Simon walked away, eyes filled with tears and he again never said a word.

Josh lost his best friend two years ago and the words he song ‘Jealous’ took on a special meaning for him.

In all the years that Simon has been a judge we have watched him be quite stern and to the point, but his audition surely brought out a different side of Simon and most definitely pulled on his heart strings.

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