The Worst Version Of ‘O Holy Night’ You’ll Ever Hear. Seriously, It’s So Bad That’s It’s Funny.

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The song ‘O Holy Night’ is a Christmas favorite for many. The orchestral calmness, the powerful vocals in which accompany the melodic tones, makes the song a powerful and popular one. One man however, has managed to completely butcher the song. When we say ‘butcher’, it will make your pets leave the room when it’s played. It will make you cringe and possibly throw up a little bit in your mouth. But for Steve Mauldin, well, he thinks he wrote the original song and he believes he can sing the song better than anyone.

The youtube video surrounding this song has become somewhat of a hidden online gem. You will see why shortly.

The recording itself is the work of Steve Mauldin, a record producer in Nashville. We will share the original recording of Steve Mauldin singing this incredibly butchered version of the song below. Once Steve Mauldin noticed that the internet was going nuts over this horrific recording, he decided to make another video, to take ownership of the recording and explain to the world that he did in fact, write that version of ‘O Holy Night’. We shared those videos too!

Original recording.

If you have 10 minutes to spare you can watch Steve explain his ownership of the song and how he is going to attempt to sing the song again to prove it. (Scroll down to start the video where begins singing.)

Here is the exact point when he starts ‘trying to sing’ the song.