This Innovative Taga Bike Stroller Is A Parenting Game Changer!

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Taga Bike began selling in the US after six years in Europe, and we have been fascinated by this innovation in biking for parents. We totally see the appeal of a bike-stroller hybrid like the Taga.

What makes the Taga truly special is that you can switch it from bike to stroller in four relatively easy steps. Once you’ve ridden to the store or farmer’s market or wherever you’re going , you can switch to stroller mode in about 20 seconds. Taga is back with a new look and feel and they are also back on Kickstarter right now! They have raised nearly $2 million dollars already! Wow!


As for price, the Taga Bike will run you a cool $1500 for the basic model, which includes a child seat. Not cheap, but then, neither is gasoline–let alone that gym membership you probably won’t need anymore.

The Taga Bike is a surprisingly smooth and steady ride, a solid workout, a fun way to be environmentally friendly, and above all, a fantastic way to spend time with your kids.


The  Taga Bike Stroller is available in four bright colors on their website at starting at $1500. Thank you to Taga for providing Cool Mom Picks with a sample bike to review.

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