10 Amazing Kids Birthday Party Places For Everyone

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Birthdays are probably the most exciting day of the year for any kid. It needs a lot of preparation and creativity to make sure your child collects some beautiful memories.

Home parties are great and can be very versatile. But sometimes that is not an option. Luckily, the choices of different venues and places for hosting a birthday party are endless.

Celebration out of the house means a lot less work and cleaning for the parents. But it also allows the little ones to experience a different kind of unforgettable adventure each time.

So, read on to find ideas for some fantastic kids party places! We’ve got something for any budget and any taste.


Photography Studio

It may seem odd at first, but a party at a photography studio can be an incredible event. You can come up with a theme, for example, their favorite cartoon or a particular historical age. Then you can have a fun photoshoot that kids are bound to enjoy. Later you can use the pictures and make a scrapbook that will be a dear memory for years to come.

Also, many kids may find it interesting to observe the different processes that happen in this kind of studio. So, it can even be an educational moment. Especially for aspiring little photographers out there!


Candy Shop


Especially for the kids who didn’t grow up in the countryside, visiting a farm can be very exciting. There will be no shortage of things to do. There are gorgeous scenery and fields to play, adorable animals to meet, and new things to learn. They might enjoy horseback riding, picking fresh fruit and veggies, munching on some locally produced goodies. The hosts could also show them the activities that happen on a farm, such as cheese-making or animal feeding.


Martial Arts Studio

A lot of kids are very intrigued by this sport, both boys and girls. Taking them to a martial arts studio could be an unbelievable experience. A professional martial artist could show them some of the moves. They could teach them a thing or two about the sport and its history, as well. Some of them will find their new hobby for sure!




Beach is a great option because it gives so many different opportunities. It can be quite affordable, or you could make it very fancy. It is up to you! But, whether it’s a seaside, lake or the river coast, all you need for a fun birthday is a sunny day! You might need to keep an extra eye on the children because of the water. Yet, they will not be bored for a second.

Depending on the beach, there are usually some already organized activities. So, all you need are some snacks and enough sunblock to spend the happiest birthday ever!



The mall is an excellent birthday place. It is very easily accessible to most people. But, the best thing is that so many different places and activities that kids adore are in the same building.

Maybe they want to see a new Disney movie? The movie theater is just around the corner. Are they up for some cheeseburgers at McDonald’s after the show? The restaurant is on the next floor. They want to do something fun, all fed and energized? You can take them to the game room, to play arcades, or to the bowling alley.

A whole day filled up with everything they like the most!


Bouncy House

It is one of the classics, but for a good reason. It’s a good idea to pick an indoor venue if possible, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. Another piece of advice would be to try and pick a smaller place for safety reasons.

Then you can relax with a refreshment and let kids go crazy, jumping up and down! After that, they will sleep better than ever, and so will you.


Spa And Wellness Center

This may seem like a better choice for adults. But, there are lots of kids that would love royal treatment for a day. You can take them to do their manicures and pedicures. But, there is no doubt that any treatment that includes chocolate would be the biggest hit!

These facilities usually have swimming pools and various other contents for relaxing and enjoyment. Everyone deserves to be a little spoiled from time to time. What’s a better occasion than a birthday?!



Are the kids at least ten years old and looking for an adventure? Then the nearest paintball facility may be the best birthday location.

Many paintball centers already have birthday packages prepared. They include lots of exciting games and other features. It also means that they maintain high levels of safety measures. They will keep the kids protected at all times. So, there is no need to worry.

You can just send them on their way and wait for them to come back full of stories and experiences.



Do you want your youngster to have the best day of their life? Then try taking them and a few of their friends to their idol’s concert. For some parents, exposure to modern music and countless screaming teens may be agony. But, the smile on your birthday boy or girl should be well worth it.

It may not be a conventional birthday party, but it certainly is an unforgettable one.

Planning a celebration for your kid should be a special and exciting experience. You know them best. Try to follow their interests and to enjoy it as much as you can.