11-Year-Old Has ‘Best Ever’ Break-Up Text With Young Boyfriend Who Cheated On Her

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An 11-year-old who dumped her ‘womanizing’ boyfriend by text has unintentionally become an internet super star!

Katie Nickens from Plano, Texas, was enraged after discovering that her love interest Joey had taken another girl to the park and sent a string of acerbic messages to him to end the relationship. Her older sister, Madi, 17, found the witty one-liners in her 11-year-old sibling’s put-downs too priceless to keep to herself and shared the results on her Twitter page.



Madi explained that she knew Katie had a boyfriend, but she wasn’t aware that they texted until she started scrolling through her little sister’s phone.

‘I immediately posted it. I thought it was so funny,’ she explained.

Madi tweeted screengrabs of the messages with the words: ‘HAHAHAHAH oh my god my sister’s “official break up” with her bf.’


Showing incredible word skills for her age, Katie delivered a stream of texts that leave her boyfriend struggling for a comeback.

Katie started with asking the young man named Joey why he went to the park with Natalie when she had already given him two chances and pointed out that he had declared his love for her recently.

When Joey claimed he was just ‘hanging with her’, his girlfriend was having none of it and gave him strict instructions not to speak to her at middle school, before claiming that she never loved him anyway.

When Joey suggested that the irate middle schooler probably did love him because she had bought him a Starbucks, she delivers the final blow that set the web on fire!

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