Woman Had To Fall In Love With Her Boyfriend Twice, After Losing Memory Following A Seizure

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Jessica Sharman couldn’t remember her family, boyfriend or even recognize herself in photographs. She lost her memory following an attack of seizures one day last March.

Jessica had no idea who family and friends were — or boyfriend Rich Bishop.

He has since had to slowly woo her all over again.

Her memory has STILL not returned and Jessica, 20, has had to gradually get to know her parents and 25-year-old Rich from scratch.

With their help she is piecing together the parts of her shattered life.

At first she hated Rich. 

Jessica admitted that she felt scared of Rich at first. 

The couple had been together for 7-months, until one quick moment in time, turned everything upside down. 

They were on their commuter train travelling from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, into London, where they worked together in recruitment, when Jessica suffered a series of seizures.

Jessica had even forgotten her own name. 

Luckily, Jessica has got her life back on track. She now works at a local call center. 

Rich had been very patient and loving throughout the entire ordeal. 

Jessica’s parents worked with her to jog her memory by showing her a mass amount of photographs. 

Jessica’s parents took her to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

She was kept in for a week and diagnosed with amnesia brought on by epilepsy.

“I’ve had to relearn everything about those close to me — and doctors say there’s a 50 per cent chance I could lose my memory all over again.

After a few months, and Rich never leaving Jessica’s side…Jessica started to all for Rich again. Doctor’s had told Jessica it would take roughly six months to regain her memories. 

Rich kept telling Jessica stories of how great they were together and shared all the happy memories they had shared. 

Slowly, the memories came back to Jessica. 

The two are now working on getting their lives back on track…together. 

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