Dear Santa | 15 Kids With Hilarious Christmas Requests

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Once the ink starts flowing, kids become brutally honest and don’t hold back when it comes to telling Santa what they want for Christmas! 

Dear Santa, 


Dear Santa,

I don’t want all the other nine (9) things on the list I sent to my father (dad). I only want the Puppy.

Every time I think about not getting a puppy it makes me sadder and sadder. I just want the little puppy. Just one. All I’m asking for is one little puppy. Perhaps a Labrador/German Shepherd or a Husky.

Thank you if I discover a puppy in a box under a tree.

Love, Emily

Cut the riff-raff and go straight for the kill. Emily knows what she’s doing.



Dear Santa,

I would like some Taylor Swift Tickets. I would also like clothes from Nordstrom and a boyfriend.

XOXO, Sarah.

I don’t know about you, but I think Sarah is feeling 22. Especially with a list like that!


I am so sorry of what I did in the past and thank you for the Christmas letter. I love it. But what I want for Christmas this year is 5.3 billion dollars. Pleas rite [sic] another letter this year. I love you.

Just send some us nice words and an easy billion or five, Santa! Every one of us!


Dear Santa,

I want u to know that I want a puppy and u r not alive, u r fat, and stuped [sic].

Senciriley, me


Dear Santa,

How are you? Well, enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business. This year I want…

1) A big Space Lego Set

2) Some Jelly beans

3) a shark jacket and hat

4) an AK-47 assault rifle

5) my Nintendo Game


Last I would like something for my community. I would like a Micdonols (McDonlads) be cos I like going their and iting their.

Love, Jackson


Dear Santa,

“For Christmas I would like a $100, $50 gift card to somewhere I like, on a note signed by my parents saying that I am allowed to paint my nails. Sincerely, Kailyn.

p.s. The $50 gift card can’t be to any fool places and it has to already have money on it.” 


Dear Santa,

Please text my Dad. He has my whole list.

I love you. xoxoxox



Maybe they’re asking for a puppy?


Dear Santa,

I’m Jordan and I live on [private]. I was born in 2003. I am 8 years old. I have been good this year. I’ve got my parents keychains, I’ve kept a puppy that didn’t have a home, I’ve mowed the grass. For Christmas, I want a iPad 2 and I want to get on the internet. I wish for a better economy. So that gas will be cheaper and our country won’t have to stay at war

Your friend,


So, Santa, if you’re reading this…Definitely make Jordan’s Christmas wish true to keep our country out of war and give us cheaper gas!


Dear Santa,

I want a popsicle for Christmas. Are you a popsicle? Santa [Drawing of Santa]

dear-santa12Lucky for Santa, he only has to bring this little girl one gift to make her happy. And if she’s lucky, maybe the kitten will understand all 16 languages.


Dear Santa
I have been so good this year. Please Can I have…
1 – PS4
2 – Fifa 14
3 – New Guitar
4 – Sweeties
5 – World Peace
6 – Beer

Thank you :) Chris age 29
I still believe

dear-santa14 Dear Santa Claus,
I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you half the year. I just thought my dad was pulling my leg, Anyway, I feel bad, really bad, so I’ve decided to put different assortments of candy out for you and a few cookies and a tall glass of cold milk! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Write back to me please.


Dear Santa
When it was Saterday I thought I would try to be good the whole winter vacation. But it seems like I did not succeed. Will you still give me a present enyway?
Sofia L.
Merry Christmas!

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