14 Problems Only Call Center Workers Will Understand

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The headline says it all! If you have spent any time working in a call center you should be able to relate to the these issues! I spent a few years working for a call center myself and these come from the heart my friends!

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1.) Oh great


2.) This type of situation can happen quite easily!


3.) I would dare bet this applies to most call center employees


4.) Let the river of tears flow my friend…let them flow


5.) I could only imagine the feelings one has playing a game of Russian Roulette is similar to the feeling of waiting between calls


6.) There is something pretty satisfying about having an incredibly rude customer on the line and they are unable to access the account in question


7.) This is never good. The only thing you can do is silently salute them

8.) There truly is nothing better!


9.) “It will just be a moment as my systems loads.” “Oh jeeze…my computer doesn’t seem to want to wake up today (insert fake laugh)”


10.) No this is a classic! Thank the lord for the mute button!

11.) Really? Do you think my manager is going to help you any better than I have? Nope!


12.) Training : Getting paid for doing absolutely nothing!


13.) If you are not laughing at this one than you are more than likely the best employee ever!


14.) We all say it…and most often we could care less.

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