5 Advantages Of Owning A Magnetic Screen For Doors

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When remodeling or building a new home, you’ll want to consider how you’ll effectively modernize the space. Getting a magnetic screen door is a perfect option to achieve your goal.

You can have the best of both worlds with a magnetic screen door since they are modern, adaptable, beautiful, and allow you to connect your interior and outside spaces flawlessly. Following are the unrivaled advantages of owning a magnetic screen door that you should be aware of.


It’s quite easy to use

Magnetic screen doors are installed without the use of bolts, springs, or fasteners. To install the door, you don’t need to drill holes in your walls. Some magnetic screen doors such as Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door have a retractable screen door that features a middle seam lined with 26 magnets that allows you to walk through the doorway with ease.

Having a magnetic screen also has the great advantage of being easily removed whenever you like. During warmer weather, you can simply put it back in its place. During the colder months, though, you should remove it and close your regular door all the way.


Allows for the entry of fresh air

Keeping a house well-ventilated is no longer a major concern for many, thanks to the ventilators provided by residential buildings and dwellings. The experience of fresh air circulating through your home instead of air from an air conditioner is unmatched.

Sadly, if your door is always shut, you won’t ever enjoy a new breath of fresh air. To avoid spending most of the day outside, open the windows and let some fresh air in. Among other home improvements, a magnetic screen door makes this possible. While the pesky insects are still held at bay, clean, fresh air is allowed to enter.


Allow for the entry of natural light

Natural light is stifled when doors are locked. While you could use artificial lighting, nothing compares to the beauty of the sun’s rays. It has a beautiful feeling because it is light and airy. A magnetic screen door allows enough natural light to pass through while keeping the drafts at bay.

Bulb and fluorescent-light-free illumination make a house appear cozier, but direct sunshine does the same thing. Aside from cutting your electric bill, this will help you save more money.


Simple no hands entry

How many times a day do you have to juggle multiple items in your hands as you pass through the door? Moreover, to unlock the door, you must stop with both hands engaged and drop whatever you’re holding on the floor, then pick it up again. Quite a hassle, isn’t it?

However, here is the good news. You can enter and exit a room without opening the door with your hands by using a magnetic screen door. Magnets will close the gap as soon as you push through swiftly. Moving groceries and meal trays around the house is no problem at all.


Make any door for pet use 

If you live with pets, this is the perfect item to have so that they can come and go freely without you having to exert any effort. Save time by not having to open the door all the time to allow the pets out. Just give it a light push and the screen door will effortlessly open or close.



Having a magnetic screen door is a useful investment that has several benefits. It’s quite easy to assemble, keep clean, wash, and take apart again. Make a choice based on which one suits your door frame and appeals to your sense of style the most. Should you decide to get the best magnetic screen door, ensure to purchase from reputable stores such as Flux Phenom.