Blind Horse Forms Unlikely Friendship With Seeing Eye Camel

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In a small Winslow, Maine zoo, an unlikely friendship has formed between a blind horse and a seeing eye camel. 

Caesar, a five-year-old camel lives at the Pony X-Press Zoo in Winslow, owned by the Ed Papsis. 

Papsis has had his horse, Dolly on and off for about ten years. 


“She’s probably the only horse that has a Seeing Eye camel, she unfortunately has gone blind,” Papsis said.

Caesar the camel is the main attraction at the zoo and during the summer months, Papsis takes a slew of exotic animals to local and state fairs. 


Caesar needed a friend and Dolly needed guidance. Together, they help one another and have become the best of friends. 

“We put the horse in there and she just kind of bonded with him and he bonded with her,” Papsis said.


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