9 Reasons Why Are Dogs Our Best Friends

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Everyone knows dogs are the most loyal best friends of the human race. There are a number of reasons for dogs to share their lives with us in many ways. From this article, you will learn why dogs are the “Man’s Best Friend”. 

Dogs love us from the moon and back without any hesitation and regrets. They act as a best friend and there are numerous reasons which make dogs our lovable furry companions. For more tips dogs, visit Care of My Dog.


  1. They Are Loyal

Dogs are a loyal creature and they are very much determined in making you happy in any way they can. They will be on your side when you are stressed and feel better when you are down. They also share your happiness by jumping around you when you come home from work.


  1. They Are Friendly

Your puppy is always waiting for you with a bright face and a huge smile. Their tongue is always hanging out of their mouth and their eyes always light up the room. Moreover, they always welcome you at the end of each day with a wagging tail and a flawless smile.


  1. They Can Be Easily Trained

Dogs can be trained in our house, so they can easily live with us.  With the help of the training, they have the confidence to behave appropriately with others in public as well. Dogs can also be trained for outdoor excursion calls, guiding blind people in crossing roads, as well as for other purposes.


  1. They Are Playful

Dogs are pretty playful. They enjoy physical exercise like running, jumping in water, and playing around.

Likewise, dogs will join you in the park for a run, a lush Frisbee game, or some fetch. Moreover, dogs can also be sweet, cuddly, happy, and always have a smile on their face.

Dogs also know how to act appropriately. They remain calm and respectful to children who don’t know how to be friendly, quiet, and respectful.


  1. They Are Smart

Dogs are a clever animal. They are often used by the military and police for identifying the explosives and drugs in hidden places. They also help the police in finding missing people.

Dogs also have a special sense in detecting the changes in the surroundings. With the use of this sense, they save their owners in a number of dangerous situations. They will often bark when something isn’t right and notify their owners.

Last but not least, working dogs of all kinds have good intuition and are capable of following advanced instructions. They can help you herd cattle or pick up the newspaper.


  1. They Show Lots Of Love

They always show their love to us without any hesitation, without any doubt, without any condition, even if we don’t deserve it. Dogs have a better understanding of us and can sense our emotions. When we are happy they share our happiness and play with us. When we are feeling depressed or ill, they leave us alone and don’t disturb us.


  1. They Depend on Humans 

Dogs show devotion, loyalty, approval and affection, happiness, and company without restriction.  In return, we must owe them the best and safest treatment they can receive, such as a safe and nutritious diet and continuous veterinary care with proper vaccinations. In addition, if you have an outdoor dog, consider getting them an above ground dog kennel.


  1. They Are Warm

They keep us warm. In the old days, people cuddled up with puppies to stay warm on the harsh winter nights. A lot of us still do when we have cold weather.


  1. They Are The True Life Saver

Dogs bark to notify us when someone enters the yard, when a stranger comes to the door, or a child is in danger. They want to protect their owners.

They wake us up in the middle of the night, in natural disasters, or other life-threatening emergencies. They detect Earthquakes before they strike. Dogs risk their lives without any doubts or worries to save ours.


Final Words

Above all, dogs deserve good treatment and a lot of our time and attention. When we gratuitously give our dogs our love we get back their love. Dogs can truly be men, women, and a child’s best friends. Hence we should be honored to be theirs too.