Woman Manages To Befriend A Vicious Moray Eel After Years Of Contact

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When Valerie Taylor first located the home of a spotted moray eel near Banda Island, Indonesia, the famed Australian diver and ocean conservationist tried to befriend the eel by offering it a fish. The eel did what eels usually do when humans approach: It hid. Taylor tried a few more times over the course of several years, to no avail.

One day, things changed. Taylor brought a fish, again. But this time, the eel came out and slithered around Taylor, accepting her offering.

The eel swam around Taylor and rubbed up against her. The eel acted as though it was showing signs of affection and friendship. 

Taylor explains that since that moment, no matter how much time passes, she is able to go back to that spot and the eel will come right out and show her love. 

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