How Long To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey In One Easy Chart!

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You have your big bird and a recipe…but how long do you cook it?

It can be a complicated task trying to time the cooking of your turkey with the arrival of guests and dinner time. Worry no more! Just follow this easy to use chart and you will be able to cook your turkey to perfection and have it ready on time! I mean, lets face it, if you are preparing Thanksgiving dinner you have enough to worry about and the cooking time of your turkey shouldn’t be on the worry list.


graphic by Katie Field

Note: For safety reasons, the USDA recommends cooking stuffing outside of the turkey to guarantee uniform doneness. If you do choose to stuff it, check the temp of the center of the stuffing to make sure it, too, reaches the safe 165 degrees F (otherwise bacteria could contaminate your cooked turkey). Keep wet stuffing ingredients refrigerated ahead of time, and separate from dry ingredients until just before mixing, stuffing loosely and cooking. Sticking with a casserole dish? You should still cook the stuffing to 165 degrees F.

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